Caribbean Jazz Collective (CJC)

Acclaimed musicians, Eddie Bullen and Joaquin Nunez Hidalgo have brought together a

group of premier musicians of Caribbean descent to form the Caribbean Jazz Collective


The CJC brings Caribbean flavour and rhythms to modern and classic jazz standards

and . take beloved and popular Caribbean songs and add a jazz twist. This approach

delights audiences whether they have a Caribbean background or are simply jazz fans.

One thing is certain, audiences are transported to a world of warm sunshine, ocean

waves and tropical vibes.

CJC is:

Andrew Stewart: bassist whose background is Jamaican and has played extensively

with many Caribbean and award winning Canadian artists in many different genres. 

Neil Brathwaite: This Saxophinist hails from Montreal via Barbados and has worked

genres from Blues to Jazz. He has worked in the Caribbean and across Canada with a

who’s who of award winning artists.

Gareth Burgess: Steel Drum (Steel Pan) player born in Canada with strong Trinidadian

roots grew up in a home where his dad was a formidable steel Pan player and

encouraged his son to follow in his footsteps. Gareth has been arranging, directing and

playing for many steel drum orchestras that have traveled the world for performances

and Caribana steel drum competitions. 

Eddie Bullen: Award winning Pianist from the Spice Island Grenada, Eddie is a

contemporary jazz artist and producer. He has worked with many Caribbean and

International artists as a producer, composer and for over 30 years.

Joaquin Hidalgo Nunez: Drummer and Percussionist from the island of Cuba, Joaquin

has worked with many top Cuban and Latin American premier artists. He is featured on

many recordings, has toured the world with international artists and is a much loved


The Caribbean Jazz Collective (CJC) brings audiences a taste of music from the

Caribbean that transcends borders, and gives the audience a bit of historical

background on the music that makes the world a happier place.

Bringing the music of the Caribbean to the world